Welcome Home

Our contribution to the exhibition
Time – Space – Existence

Welcome Home is the name of our contribution to the exhibition Time – Space – Existence held between May and November 2016 in the Palazzo Bembo in Venice.
The exhibition is an official part of the 2016 Venice Biennale, Biennale di Venezia, which is an international exhibition of contemporary art.
The first Biennale was held in 1895.

Our contribution

Room 13B Palazzo Bembo, Venice

The inspiration for our exhibition, comes from the book Welcome Home, which is about home, identity and migration. The participants come from all over the world. They tell us about what the concept of home means to them, their new lives on Åland and what they have left behind.
Welcome Home was presented in spring 2014 as an exhibition and a photo book with interviews by the ethnologist Staffan Beijar and photos by Maria Rosenlöf. The project was initiated by the Åland Multicultural association and has been made in cooperation with the Nordic Institute on Åland.

On a wall in our exhibition room we will show a photo collage in which we reflect on the connection between man and architecture.

At the exhibition, we present the film Searching for Serenity, which is the work of our photographer Jeremic Slavoljub. Search for Serenity is Jeremics interpretation of Åland, which allows us to understand what is important for him in order to feel comfortable where he lives.

Anyone visiting the exhibition takes part in our experiment by building their own snailhouse on our scale model of a piece of the archipelago. Each snaihouse is photographed, then the images are shared with us and will later be analyzed to see if we can get an answer to the question: Can architecture help us see into the future?


The exhibition is organized by the The Global ArtAffairs Foundation which is a non-profit cultural foundation with offices in the Netherlands and Italy.
The exhibition involves 100 architects, young, old, famous and unknown who come from many different cultures from around the world.
By combining various architectural ideas and points of view, the exhibition wishes to increase our awareness of our personal existence as human beings in a specific context of time and space.