Snailhouse is based on the idea that ordinary people should be able to own their own home on their own terms. The house can be changed over time adapting itself according to its residents changing needs and capabilities. In other words, when it´s time to move, you’re welcome to do just like the snail and take your house or room with you.

Snailhouse is a tool we use to understand what is important for you today.

Can your Snailhouse also teach us something about the future?

About how our society will change?

In this project, we collect images of the participants´ own Snailhouse. The images are shared with us and will later be analyzed to see if we can get an answer to the question: Can architecture help us see into the future?


We want you to participate in our experiment and show us your own Snailhouse. You need to show courage, because we believe that your house will show us who you really are. Are you a hermit or afraid of loneliness? Do you trust others or do you want to build walls around you? Are you humble or arrogant? And maybe we can find out what are your innermost thoughts about money and power?
Once you have built your Snailhouse, take a picture and tag it with #snailhousepeople on Instagram.


You can also participate in our project by getting your Snailhouse Mini – a package of four rooms so you can build your own Snailhouse. The package costs 20 € including delivery charges.

We’d love to see your Snailhouse ideas, take photos and tag #snailhousepeople on Instagram! Or send us your image to



In case you wish to pay in another way, please contact us directly via e-mail.