Architecture is about communication between people

“For me, being an architect is not only a profession but also something that never leaves me, something that I am constantly proud of. Sometimes, looking at our old buildings, I feel that I learn about the times when the house was built; about its owner, about the society, and most of all about the thoughts of the person who decided how the house should be formed. I am fascinated by how architecture can establish communication with the past”.

Michael Donalds, Architect

Can architecture help us to see into the future?

Are you a hermit or one afraid of loneliness, someone that can trust people or need walls around you, humble or arrogant? What are your innermost thoughts about money and power?
– We believe that your architecture expresses your personality and your values.

What is important for you, so that you should feel happy with where you live?

Our project is based on the fact that during the past decades, the population of our island has been enriched by many migrants from other countries. Nowadays, a third of the population is born abroad. With the help of architecture, we hope to learn about how the new languages, cultures and the diverse living habits are going to influence life on our island.
Click on the map to find out what Åland residents from all over the world think about what is important to them?

Facts about Åland

Nationalities: 95.
Languages: 64.
Population: 28 916 inh.
Political status: Åland is a self-governing and demilitarized part of the Republic of Finland.